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- Beautiful and unique Bio-Art for your home or office.

- Original Bio-Art products and gifts for that special person or event.

- We capture and print the smallest mysteries of life in order to generate more funds for scientific research.

pArt of Science is supported by the Dutch Cancer Genomics Centre


  • Winner Hubrecht Art 2017 - Fanny Sage
    Gijsen Slinky - Image by Fanny Sage. The winner of the Hubrecht Art 2017 competition. Mouse muscle cross-section Color presents: Laminin (alexa 647) Dystrophin (alexa488)
We print scientific Artworks, in any size imaginable


Very interesting documentary of the VPRO 'The mind of the Universe'.

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"Colors of Cancer" at UMC Utrecht.

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A small movie explaining the importance of scientific imaging: spying on cancer (video)

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