Dear Artist, 

For your convenience, we have signed license agreements with the following research institutes or academic sites.

This is required, because this means that pArt of Science owns the Exlusive right to commercialize the beauty of Scientific Art.

However, we have some rules and guidelines regarding the copyright of your Art.

If you Art is produced while you were employed by one of these institutions:

- Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, The Netherlands

- Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 

- University Medical Center, Divison of  medical genetics, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Then, we strongly encourage you to upload your Art.

However, there are still some rules and guidelines that we ask you to follow before you upload your Art.

- The original image has been produced while employed by one of the institutions or academic sites.

- Your PI, Professor, supervisor is aware of the use of this image.

- The image represents Science.

- We will ask you to provide a brief description.

- The identical image has not been used for a publication or publication purposes. If it is used for a publication, please modify the image in such a way that is not identical.

- You are the person responsible.

We have to strictly follow these few guidelines because we do not want to be held responsible for your neglect.

Please read and accept the following Terms of Agreement before you can upload an image.

Thanks very much, 

pArt of Science