Upload information


Important information before uploading your Art! 

We recommend using Firefox or Safari for the Java Upload module

It is possible that your browser does not run the Java Applet.

We recommend to use browsers such as Firefox and Safari.  However, your browser needs to allow a 64 bit Java Applet.

In Safari, you can easily allow the Java Applet to run if you go to Apple > Applications > Safari > Right Click > Get info > Uncheck the 'open in 32 bit mode'.  Refresh your browser and you are good to go!

Both in Safari or Firefox, it is possible that you see an error log while starting the Java Apple. This is harmless. You probably have checked the box ' Show Console ' in the System Preferences of Java Applet. The Java Applet will work fine, but you probably think there is something wrong. You can always uncheck the box under Advanced Settings in the Java Control Panel.

Unfortunately, Google Chrome does not support 64bit Java Applets, so it will probably not work. Our apologies for this. We are currently working on a universal upload Applet, but it is not ready yet.

The highest resolution and best quality prints.


We would like to print your image at the highest possible quality and resolution, and as big as possible. However, this is not possible for all images.

Therefore, provide the highest resolution possible since images are best printed between 180 and 300 dots per inch (DPI) for your appropriate size.

If your images are of low resolution, we will provide the largest possible size which the image can be printed

We have professionals in our team that are capable improving the quality of your image, so don't do it yourself, unless you are skilled in it. Then go for it!

Images should be uploaded either in TIFF, PSD or RAW format for optimal quality of the image. We are able to print from JPG, but image quality will suffer.

We welcome 8bit and 16bit files. No problem for us. 

Don't sharpen your files for printing. We will do it for you.

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