UCSF image contest 2015

pArt of Science was pArt of the judging panel for UCSF first SciResolution Image and Video competition.
Check out the incredible and amazing Images and Videos for the UCSF SciResolution competition.

Submissions were judged on artfulness, scientific enlightenment and technical mastery. The winners of the 2015 Sci-Resolution Awards are:


Grand Prize - Image:

Torsten Wittman for "Endothelial cells”


Runners Up - Image (tie for two):

Anna Reade for "Stentor”

Daniel Kopinke for "Cross-section of injured mouse skeletal muscle”


Judge’s Favorites - Video (tie for three):

Jeffrey Van Haren: Human lung epithelial carcinoma cell

Matthew P. Klassen: The heart of an aging fruit fly in health and disease

Antonino Schepis: Embryonic zebrafish skin cells undergoing cell extrusion


People’s Choice:

Emma LeFrancais, for the video: Platelet release in the lung observed by mouse intra-vital imaging