Stentor - by Anna Reade


  • Title:  Stentor - by Anna Reade
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  • Added:  Dec 19, 2014
  • Description:  Award Winning Image - by Anna Reade from Orion Weiner Lab at UCSF. First prize of Annual Scientific Image contest 2014. Hosted by pArt of Science and the Smith Cardiovascular Research Building at Mission Bay Campus, UCSF. This Image will be printed big, and mounted at SCVRB in the beginning of 2015. But what are we looking at ? This is a Stentor (large unicellular ciliate) with its cilia stained, is in the process of forming a second oral apparatus as it prepares to divide. This image shows the power of Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM), where a large volume sample can be imaged with high enough resolution to be able to see individual cilia.
  • Keywords:  cilia, scvrb, stentor, winner, anna reade, lsfm, light sheet fluorescence microscopy
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Resolution: 3138 x 2510 px ( 26.6cm x 21.3cm @ 300 dpi )

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