Colors of cancer


  • Title:  Colors of cancer
  • Owner:  Rene Overmeer
  • Added:  Mar 7, 2014
  • Description:  Human colorectal cancer organoid expressing fluorescently labelled Histone2B, which marks the nuclei of individual cells and visualizes mitotic as well as apoptotic events. The organoid was cultured in 3D extracellular matrix and scanned on a Leica SP8X confocal microscope. Bottom left: single brightfield transmitted image. Bottom right: same brightfield image merged with a maximum intensity projection of the fluorescent nuclei. Top right: maximum projection of the fluorescent nuclei in pseudo-colors for optimal contrast. Top left: to fully visualize the three-dimensional architecture of the organoid, nuclear fluorescence was color-coded to represent the distance to lens (blue being the closest and red the furthest away from the lens). Printed at 2500x magnification. Contributions: RenĂ© Overmeer & Bas Ponsioen
  • Keywords:  umc utrecht, organoid, rene overmeer, hans bos, spe8, bas ponsioen
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Resolution: 4590 x 4962 px ( 38.9cm x 42cm @ 300 dpi )

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